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The Cross Border Partnership for Employment Services.

The Cross Border Partnership for Employment Services (CBPES) has replaced the EURES Cross Border Partnership Ireland - N Ireland.

What is the Cross Border Partnership for Employment Services?

The CBPES was established to help make things easier for those who wish to commute daily or weekly across the border in order to work. It does this by attempting to overcome at least some of the obstacles which people face.

In particular it provides pathways to the information required by people moving across the border, for example, jobseekers that need information on employment and training opportunities on both sides of the border, on taxation and the social security systems.

The Partnership also aims to assist employers by providing them with access to a larger pool of labour i.e. jobseekers living on both sides of the border. Advice is available to employers on a range of cross-border recruitment issues.


How is the Partnership Funded?



What region is covered by the Partnership?

The Partnership covers all of Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland (Louth, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim).


What is the Structure of the Partnership?

The Partnership is guided by a Steering Committee of up to 12 members nominated by the Partner Organisations and is supported by a full-time Co-ordinator. There is a network of specialist advisers on cross border issues,who are located in the Partner Organisations Their contacts details are available here.


Do Similar Partnerships Exist Elsewhere?

The European Employment Services (EURES) operates on a transnational and cross-border basis. There are approximately 900 EURES advisers operating throughout Europe, representing Public Employment Services, Trade Union and Employer Organisations. There are currently 9 EURES Partnerships operating in cross-border regions.


What Type of Activity is The Partnership Involved In?

The Partnership is engaged in a number of activities all aimed at making things easier for those seeking to travel across the border to work and employers wishing to recruit workers living across the border.

For example:

  • Provides a network of specialist advisers on labour mobility issues within the Partner Organisations on both sides of the border. They provide an Information, Advice and Placement Service for jobseekers and employers interested in cross-border working or recruitment/training.
  • Facilitates arrangements for the cross-border exchange of job vacancies between Department for Communities in Northern Ireland and Department of Social Protection in the border counties of Ireland
  • Arranges seminars to develop closer working relationships between the Partner Organisations
  • Developed this website (www.cbpes.com) which, among other things, gives direction to advice and information services about practical issues for cross-border workers and employers e.g. taxation, social security entitlement and educational qualifications.
  • Organises Cross Border Jobs Fairs
  • Organises networking and information events for employers in the Cross Border region
  • CBPES Cross Border Advisers attend various recruitment fairs in the region to provide advice on cross-border working and training
  • Organises information events on cross-border labour mobility issues.

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